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Top 10 Websites every Software Tester must Bookmark in 2017

For all the software testers, test automation experts and QA enthusiasts out there, we have compiled a list of 10 websites that you should bookmark in 2017. No matter, whether you want to solve a bug, get latest updates, find answers to the interview questions or anything else, this list of 10 websites will cover everything about QA and software testing. 1. Software Testing Help is a popular website focusing on Software Testing and Quality Assurance topics. With 1 million+ monthly views, the website caters to a wide range of testing professionals who are looking updates related to software testing tutorials, methodologies, manual testing, automation testing, testing tools, interview questions, web testing, testing templates, quality assurance, testing certifications, books, career guidance, job openings, latest testing trends, news, and much more. 2. Software Test Professionals (STP) is an online community providing software…

Data Type in Java - Easy Selenium Java Tutorials

Selenium is an open-source tool that is used for test automation. It is licensed under Apache License 2.0. Selenium is a suite of tools that helps in automating only web applications. This tutorial will give you an in-depth understanding of Data Types in Java with example. Here we go; What is Data Type?data type, in programming, is a classification that specifies which type of value a variable has and what type of mathematical, relational or logical operations can be applied to it without causing an error. A string, for example, is a data type that is used to classify text and an integer is a data type used to classify whole numbers. Lets dig a little deeper; What is Data Type in Java? Data type specifies the size and type of values that can be stored in an identifier. The Java language is rich in its data types. Different data types allow you to select the type appropriate to the needs of the application. Data types in Java are classified into two types: 1.Primitive—which include Integer,…

Cruxes of Selenium - Selenium Basics - Selenium for Beginners

Selenium is a suite of several automated testing tools, each of them catering to different testing needs.Basics and advantages of Selenium - All these tools fall under the same umbrella of open source category and supports only web based testing.Selenium suite is comprised of 4 basic components; Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, WebDriver, SeleniumGrid.User is expected to choose wisely the right Selenium tool for his/her needs - Here is the Good News for Selenium Testers.Selenium IDE is distributed as a Firefox plug-in. It is easier to install and use. User is not required to possess prior programming knowledge. Selenium IDE is an ideal tool for a naive user.Selenium RC is a server that allows user to create test scripts in a desired programming language. It also allows executing test scripts within the large spectrum of browsers. "Top 4 Difference between Selenium RC & WebDriver"Selenium Grid brings out an additional feature to Selenium RC by distributing its test script on di…